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D2 Tool Steel Round Bars

D2 Tool Steel Round Bars

We are situated in Delhi(India) and have established a fine network with the help of which we ensure timely delivery. We have become a preferred choice of the patrons owing to our timeliness and client centric approach.


Standard and Grade : GB Cr12MOV/ AISI D2/JIS SKD11/ ASSAB XW-42/ DIN 1.2379

Delivery Condition : Soften Annealed - Less than 255HB

Applications :

  • Sheet less than 6mm thick, efficient blanking dies, punch dies and stamping dies.
  • Various scissors, interlaid razor blades and wood cutting blades
  • Thread rolling dies and abrasion resistant sliders
  • Cold forged dies, thermoset resin molding molds and high-grade gauges, etc
  • Deep-drawing dies and cold extrusion dies

Characteristics : Our D2 is an alloy tool steel with high content of carbon and chrome. After heat treatment, it has very high hardness and abrasion resistance. This steel also features in high hardenability and good dimensional stability. It is suitable for manufacture of cold-work dies and thermoset plastic molding molds which require high precision and long service life. Pure steel quality due to vacuum degas refining treatment Superior cutting performance, due to spheroidal annealing softening treatment  Crushed crystal structure bonded by forging and rolling, carbonized granules which are fine and even. So that there will be no cracking under quenching For special adding of reinforcing elements molybdenum and vanadium, both the avrasion resistance and toughness are better the similar steel grade.

Chemical Composition (%)

C Si Mn P S W Mo Cr V Cu Ni
1.48 0.26 0.24 0.02 0.01 --- 0.46 11.63 0.21 0.05 0.06